Leafy Legends

Australia and New Zealand are full of memorial plants and not all of them are in avenues. We have many special trees and plants that deserve to be known.

Our current Leafy Legends are:


Over the next weeks and months we plan to add many others but we need your help. If you know of any memorial trees or plantings that belong in our Leafy Legends please contact us so we can include them.

2 thoughts on “Leafy Legends

  1. John Saunders

    Hello – I am the Secretary of the Clayton RSL Sub-Branch in Victoria.
    Looking through these pages I have found that there are / were Avenues of Honour in Clayton with an ID No 3352.1 – also in Oakleigh an ID No 3199.1 in Glen Waverley an ID No 3078.1 as well as Notting Hill an ID No 3215.1

    Can you provide any details regarding these sites / plantings ??

    There is a possibility that a number od RSL Sub-Branches in the area may ‘join together’ and do something with the aid of Local Council.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    John Saunders

  2. Richard Sommers

    Centennial Park Cemetary in suburban Adelaide has an offspring of a pine from Lone Pine, Gallipoli, I believe. Also Rosemary bushes from cuttings from Gallipoli.


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