The Avenues of Honour project has attracted a lot of media attention.  The appeal of the Avenues and the stories behind them are irresistible.  Here are some recent media stories and some background resources for media organisations wishing to report on the project.

Latest media stories

  • Melbourne Age, 8 June 2013  Felled but not forgotten  by Megan Backhouse
  • ABC TV’s Gardening Australia program recently featured a story about Avenues of Honour.
    You can view it here.

Image collection

We’re also collecting images of Avenues and of the people associated with them, both past and present.  You can see more at our Flickr website.

This collection will be used to build a national online encyclopedia of Australia’s Avenues of Honour and the people associated with them.  We welcome your contributions.

We are pleased to share with you some of the magnificent photographs of Avenues of Honour in Victoria taken by Sarah Wood and made available to the Avenues of Honour project.

Photographs of Avenues of Honour by Sarah Wood

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Other Resources

The Brisbane City Council’s Yeronga Project was presented by Andrew Ensbey at last year’s TREENET Symposium.
Although a project for a capital city, the pointers in planning, developing and implementing an Avenues of Honour project are universally helpful.  Let us know what you think. Click here to download Andrew’s paper.

One thought on “Media

  1. editor

    Shirley Fitzsimons sent us this wonderful snippet:

    Re article in Saturday Age June 8th, 2013. I have the following information:
    My father James William Meehan served in the First World War,and was so desperate to go – he was underage, not quite 18 years old that he had to get his father to sign the Attestation Form.
    I have an original letter, although yellowed with age from lady who planted dad’s tree in the Avenue of Honour Ballarat. The details are as follows:

    E.LUCAS & CO Pty.Ltd
    Wholesale Manufacturers
    19, 21 & 23 Doveton St South
    August 1st, 1917

    Dear Mr. Meehan,
    In connection with the extension of the Avenue of Honor which the young ladies of
    Lucas & Co.,commenced to plant on June 4th, on Burrumbeet Road, it has fallen to my lot to have the honour of planting the tree that will be a lasting monument to your son,for offering himself for Active Service abroad, at our Empire’s call.
    I would esteem it a pleasure if you could be present to assist me in planting at 3 o’clock on Saturday August 17th.
    Fuller particulars will be advertised in the newspapers later.
    The number of the tree is 681
    Trusting to have the pleasure of your assistance.
    Yours respectfully

    Shirley Fitzsimons.


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