New Avenues

Some communities that don’t already have an existing Avenue of Honour are starting to think about creating them.  In places like Willunga in South Australia, local community organisations such as the RSL and National Trust have worked with their Local Council to get new Avenues established in time for the centenary commemorations of World War I.

TREENET and the Avenues of Honour are here to help.  We can  provide advice and support to help your community plan and establish an Avenue of Honour.  We also are cultivating seedlings from the august Federation Oak in time for centenary plantings.

12 thoughts on “New Avenues

    1. editor

      Not yet. We have not heard of that avenue before but will certainly add it to the database. If there is anything else you can tell us about it we would greatly appreciate the information.
      Regards, The AoH Team

  1. Elizabeth Nunn

    Are you going to include Diggers’ Drive (Kalinga Park, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland) as one of your Avenues of Honour?

    The Brisbane City Council produced a document entitled “Avenues of Honour Research Report” which is available as a PDF document on the internet. That Research Report includes Diggers’ Drive as well as all of the other “Avenues of Honour” within the boundaries of the Brisbane City Council.

    1. editor

      Hi Elizabeth,
      All Avenues for all conflicts should be listed on our map and if Diggers’ Drive isn’t there under another name we’ll have it up soon.
      The Brisbane City Council have been very active with Avenues projects over the last 9 years and provided us with a $5k donation to help us get started in 2005.
      Andrew Ensby from the BCC presented at the 2012 Symposium on Yeronga Park and in 2007 Lyndal Plant and Neridah Parkes presented an overview of the Avenues in Brisbane.
      You can view and down load these from our Research Papers link under “ABOUT”

  2. editor

    Thanks for the overview of the Samford commemoration project Bill.
    It will be a joy to follow the progress of activity leading up to 25th April 2015.
    Any updates (including before & after images) would be great to share with other communities contemplating similar projects.
    The AoH Team

  3. charles brown

    I live in hurstbridge 3099 vic and lately have been made aware of trees planted in the last 40 or 50 years ?ago. as an avenue of honour there are two trees out side an old garage shed on main street could you help me out as where are they and are this trees part of it the address is 941 main st hurstbridge its now an automotive repairs place there is also an anzac ave thank you c.b.

  4. editor

    Hi Charles,
    I am unable to assist directly because we have more questions than answers about these “mystery” trees that are coming from all over the country.
    It may well be that these are trees planted 50 years ago for commemoration but we would be relying on local information to update our files rather than the other way around.
    I’ll begin by looking at the trees on Google earth but any info re your sources of information will help.
    Regards David

  5. Mike Monro

    I am trying to get in contact with Meredith Kirton, re her book on Australian Avenues.
    There is a private avenue of tree along the fence of “Kyber” station on the Oxley Highway, between Gunnedah and Carroll. These gum trees were planted by Mr Dick Hyem and my father, Norbert Monro. The row of trees were planted over several years and number about 20 in all.
    I thought this may be of interest for inclusion in Meredith’s book on some of the earliest Australian avenues.
    I would be very grateful if this information would be passed on to her.
    Thank you,
    Mike Monro

  6. Alan Bennett

    I have recent photographs of the goomalibee avenue of honour if you would like a copy, it was opened in the early, 1920’s, I have started searching the National Library of Australia via the TROVE database, there are anumber of soldiers listed from WW1 as well as two soldiers from WW2 whom were killed, there is a newspaper reference to an honour board as well for goombalibee at the hall, only building there now is a small church looking building that is some ones weekend by the looks of things, any information about the soldiers would be very welcome. is there a place on this site I can post the photographs ?

  7. rieny nieuwenhof

    The Geelong & District Vietnam Veterans Ass. are currently in discussion with the City of Greater Geelong to recognise our Vietnam Vets Avenue of Honour. The AOH was opened in 1995, but due to drought deteriorated. Our Committee initiated a restoration of the AOH Project in 2014 – 2016 and have three stages in its development.Stage One has been completed and we have quotes for Stage Two, just waiting on Council approval to begin. Stage Three is due for completion in August 2016, the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. Any assistance/ advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated. We are in negotiation with Council because their records don’t recognise the full extent of the AOH. There also is a large community billboard located within the AOH, which we believe is inappropriate in a place dedicated to the memory of the fallen, and all who served in Vietnam.


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