Samford Memorial Avenue

A special memorial avenue has been constructed in Samford to commemorate the upcoming ANZAC Centenary.

The Avenue of Honour comprises a 700m walkway, alongside which 20 large hoop pines have been planted, to honour the 20 local servicemen killed in both world wars and the Korean war. Another 80 smaller trees will bring the total number of trees to 100, representing the centenary.  A memorial is being constructed at the avenue’s highest point.

Listen here to an ABC 612 Breakfast interview with Rose Lane – 31st March 2015.

Media clip from Dale Shuttleworth MP.

More information can be found here.


3 thoughts on “Samford Memorial Avenue

  1. Peter Bishop

    Hi All
    It’s been a journey involving almost 50 meetings of the Samford Avenue of Honour Committee over three years. This could not have happened without the individual contribution of all seven committee members, support from the local community, Local State and Federal government and in particular the unflagging input from Bill Gibson and Mark Orreal of the Samford RSL and Jamie Maclean, our artisan.

    As the volunteer arborist on the committee I have been privileged to have had the support to implement best practice planting design towards a project intended to look great at the next Centenary in 2115. To David Lawry and Glenn Williams of TREENET, thank you both for your inspiration. To Wes Mortensen, Landscape Architect at Moreton Bay Regional Council, your vision is real.

    This is a pedestrian avenue removed from road corridor issues, so the integrity and permanence of the surrounding parkland will ensure a maturing and enduring tribute for all service personnel. As the son of a career soldier and an army wife who both nourished my career into arboriculture, I have been offered the opportunity to say thank you. I am proud to have been able to contribute.

    Lest we forget.

    Peter Bishop

  2. Iain Mac Arthur

    Hi, I’m just trying to find out where this walk is. My broiler Dale Mac Arthur tells me a had a memorial to our father Ray Mac Arthur installed there and I I’m not to sure where exactly it is. Is is just up a bit on the left from Burton Lane?

    Yous sincerely
    Iain Mac Arthur

    1. editor Post author

      Hi Iain,
      You’re absolutely correct. The commemorative walk is part of the parklands, adjacent Mt Samson Road, opposite the old glasshouses. The war memorial also part of the new tree-lined commemorative walk.
      Please let us know if you discover any memorial details for your Dad.
      All the best,
      The AoH Team


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