Welcome to Avenues of Honour

Welcome to Avenues of Honour !
Congratulations to Darren Peacock of Sociable Technology for his expertise and vision in developing this exciting new wiki website for the 2015 AoH Project.
It is a work in progress as indeed are a number of avenue restorations already taking place around Australia.
In February 1941 in reply to a letter of support from President Roosevelt, Winston Churchill replied “Give us the tools and we will finish the job.” America came to the party under the lend lease agreement and the rest is history. It is hoped that the new Avenues of Honour website will be able to provide all the online tools free of charge to communities in Australia and New Zealand who are committed to the preservation and establishment of these iconic living memorials to the fallen. Because of the capacity of the website to record permanently all the details of existing and new avenues there is no reason to fear that they will be forgotten or lost in the future. In order for TREENET to be able to provide these online tools in a timely manner we need the help of generous supporters , just as Britain did in 1941.
We are only able to make these first few steps in a very long journey because of the generosity of Mr Mark Willcocks, Executive Chairman of the Active Tree Group who in late 2012 answered my “Churchillian” plea for help and donated $60,000 to “kick start” the Project. That enabled us to put Darren to work on the website and gave me the time to respond to the increasing demands for information and assistance from dozens of community groups across the country. We are currently open to any ideas you may have or assistance in obtaining funding for the next few stages in the development of the website and would welcome any tax deductible donation, modest or otherwise that will keep up the momentum.
I hope you keep visiting the website to check on progress.
Kind Regards
David Lawry OAM
Director/ Founder

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Avenues of Honour

  1. Laurie Coulston

    Re Kiewa AoH (3281.1) although strictly speaking trees were planted in Tangambalanga what additional information do you have on this avenue?
    Some years ago a Michael Tait From Ballaarat was doing a project at Uni of Melb on Victorian Avenues and got what information my father had on this avenue and was going to have it published this ANZAC day but he seems to be uncontactable. Since that time my Father with others has had a Shire of Indigo plaque placed at the healthiest tree and lobied the shire to have the tree attended to by tree specialists.
    Any Information or leads would be greatly appreciated
    Laurie Coulston

    1. Michael Taffe

      Hi Laurie,
      Sorry if I am hard to contact but hopefully you will pick up my e-mail address here. I thought that I had given George copies of the letters and newspaper articles on the Kiewa Valley Avenue of Honour that started at the Kiewa State School and went through to Tangambalanga. I have been in and out of hospitals this year but still persist as best I can with the project and hopefully will have a book out on the Avenues to the Great War in 2015.


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