World War 2

Monteith Trees of Tribute

On Arbor Day, July 1944, Trees of Tribute were planted alongside the Monteith Institute, in Monteith, South Australia, by the school and institute committee “for all the airmen and soldiers enlisted from the settlement” in World War Two. (“News From Rural Centres” The Advertiser, 22 July 1941, p. 5. <>) Can you help to find out […]

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Goodwood Oval Memorial Trees

Goodwood Oval, previously known as Goodwood Recreation Ground, has had many separate tree-plantings over the years to commemorate soldiers who served in World War One and World War Two. On different occasions, trees were planted by local school children, Druids, and the Forestville Hockey Club. The first planting of memorial trees occurred on Friday 1

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Memorial Avenue, Kapunda

The Memorial Avenue in Kapunda, also called Kidman Avenue, was established in 1944 to commemorate the local people who lost their lives serving in World War Two. This Avenue was planted with Golden Rain Trees (Koelreuteria paniculata) along Clare Road in Kapunda, South Australia. A plaque near the beginning of the Avenue reads: Memorial Avenue

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Moonta Avenue of Honour

The Moonta Avenue of Honour was established on the 25th of July 1947, with additional planting on the 11th of June 1948, to commemorate the local people who served in World War Two. Originally 24 trees were planted along Blanche Terrace in Moonta: 12 Jacaranda trees were planted in 1947 and 12 Poplar trees planted

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Mantung Avenue of Honour

The Mantung Avenue of Honour commemorates the local people from Mantung, Mercunda, and Maggea districts who served their country and is located on the corner of Clark Street and Gordon Street, oppposite the Town Hall. The Avenue was unveiled on the 25th of April 2015. Images: Glenn Williams 04/05/2024 The avenue plantings are a mixture

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Urrbrae Avenue of Honour

The Urrbrae Avenue of Honour was established to commemorate World War One. This Avenue of Honour is a single row of Bhutan Cypress trees located in the Urrbrae Agricultural High School grounds, at Cross Road, in Urrbrae, South Australia.In 1951 the trees were transplanted to current location along the internal boundary fence to the school

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Port MacDonnell

In 1940 ‘Trees of Tribute’ were planted in Port MacDonnell to commemorate “every man who enlists on active service”. The park was officially opened by the Member for the district, Mr J Fletcher, on September 2 1940 (1940 ‘”TREES OF TRIBUTE” AT PORT MACDONNELL’, Border Watch, 3 September, p. 2.). In 2003 the Grant Council

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