Pleystowe Avenue of Honour

The original Pleystowe Avenue of Honour was planted by the RSL and dedicated on Anzac Day in 1948 as an acknowledgement of the sacrifice made by 10 Walkerston and Pleystowe soldiers during World War II WW2.  Pleystowe is approximately 20km west of Mackay, Queensland. The group of 9 Weeping Figs (Ficus benjamina) was formerly located

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Urrbrae Avenue of Honour

The Urrbrae Avenue of Honour was established to commemorate World War One. This Avenue of Honour is a single row of Bhutan Cypress trees located in the Urrbrae Agricultural High School grounds, at Cross Road, in Urrbrae, South Australia.In 1951 the trees were transplanted to current location along the internal boundary fence to the school

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