Chandada Avenue of Honour

It’s easy to assume that remote settlements and their Avenues of Honour have faded into obscurity for all time.

Not so over on the west coast region of South Australia at Chandada.  Courtesy of passionate relatives, interest is emerging to help acknowledge and restore a World War II avenue for 30 boys who enlisted from the local farming area and many that subsequently made the supreme sacrifice.

The planting of WW II “Trees of Tribute” is located along an intersection of the Streaky Bay Highway and Inkster Road, Chandada (west of Poochera).  Similar WW II “Trees of Tribute” commemorative plantings occurred at Ceduna and Poochera.

Some research from old newspaper articles:

West Coast Sentinel Friday 23 August 1940

West Coast Sentinel Friday 15 August 1941

West Coast Sentinel Friday 20 November 1942

A general plea for anyone wishing to become involved in the local project (especially past residents and relatives of the servicemen being honoured), can contact Carol Hughes 0411 393 398 or via [email protected].

The National Avenues of Honour Team also keen to gather historical information, especially images dating back to the early 1940s.

Initial seed-funding to assist with development of the restoration project has been provided through the District Council of Streaky Bay Community Grants program.

Let’s see what we can do together to give this project momentum.


AoH Team