Mapping the Avenues

We know of at least 600+ Avenues of Honour spread across Australia.

Some Avenues go back as early as the Boer War of 1899-1902, but the vast majority were planted before and after the First World War of 1914-1918. The Avenues of Honour Project is identifying and documenting all existing and lost Avenues of Honour and the people and events they commemorate.

With the help of people around the country, we have begun to compile a definitive record of each Avenue, even those which have been lost or which are currently in disrepair. Our goal is to ensure that every Australian who has fallen in war is commemorated with a tree within a thriving and well maintained Avenue of Honour.

You can help by telling us about the Avenues that you know about. The national map shows some of the information we have gathered on more than 600 Avenues. Can you tell us more?  Can you fill in any missing details? Do you have photographs or other artefacts to share?  Do you have a personal connection to the people commemorated or those who established and maintained the Avenue?

Are you interested in helping with our research on individual Avenues or on the Australians they commemorate and the people who planted them?  If you are, please contact us [email protected]g