Goodwood Oval Memorial Trees

Avenue of Honour Address

Goodwood Oval, Millswood, City of Unley
South Australia  

Goodwood Oval, previously known as Goodwood Recreation Ground, has had many separate tree-plantings over the years to commemorate soldiers who served in World War One and World War Two. On different occasions, trees were planted by local school children, Druids, and the Forestville Hockey Club.

The first planting of memorial trees occurred on Friday 1 August 1919, when children from Goodwood Primary School planted trees around the Goodwood Recreation Ground in honour of the soldiers from the school who served in World War One (ARBOR DAY AT GOODWOOD, 1919, August 5. The Advertiser, p. 10)

On Saturday the 18th of June 1921, Oak trees were planted at the Goodwood Recreation Ground by brethren of the United Ancient Order of the Druids (U.A.O.D.) to commemorate members of the local Druids’ lodge (Victory Lodge No. 37) who lost their lives in World War One. (Goodwood Recreation Grounds (1921, June 22). Critic, p. 11) It was noted in an earlier newspaper article that 24 trees were planted by the Unley City Council (although these are not acknowledged as memorial trees) and that the Druids were adding to this number and each tree would have inscription plates fixed to the tree guards (“Municipal Corporations” (1921, June 16) The Register, p. 5).

Approval was granted by the Council in November 1922 for the Forestville Hockey Club to plant trees on the Grounds “in memory of three fallen soldiers” who were members of the club (Unley City Council. (1922, November 22). The Register, p. 11).

In a 1944 newspaper article, it was noted that the Unley City Council were planning on cleaning up the area around the trees and adding “metal plaques affixed to short white posts” in memory of the members of the local Druids’ lodge who were killed in World War One. (Memorial Trees at Oval (1944, October 19). News, p. 7.)

One plaque remains at the Goodwood Oval at the base of a tree and commemorates a World War Two serviceman. The plaque says “U.O.A.D. Victory Lodge in Memory of Bro. W. J. Hollis who paid the supreme sacrifice Great War 1939-1945”. For further details about Hollis visit the Virtual War Memorial’s website here.


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