Chandada Trees of Tribute

Avenue of Honour Address

Streaky Bay - Poochera Highway
South Australia  

The Chandada Trees of Tribute was established on the 16th of August 1940 to commemorate the local people who enlisted in World War Two. This is located Streaky Bay – Poochera Highway at the Inkster Road Intersection, in Chandada, South Australia.

The newspaper, The West Coast Sentinel reported that on 16 August 1940 an ‘Arbor Day’ was held “at which the children from the Tootla and Hundred of lnkster schools collaborated with those from Chandada in planting trees of tribute for those who had enlisted from the district. (sic) Trees were planted for A. P. M. “Sandy'” Ross, Herbert Higgins, Arthur Higgins, George Evans, H. W. G. Nettlebeck and W. R. Thompson” (CHANDADA West Coast Sentinel, 23 August 1940, p. 1).

In 1941 the newspaper reported that “four trees of tribute were added to the eleven previously planted for members of the fighting forces connected with this district. The trees were for Sgt. Carbery, Ptes. R. Horsell and D. Fletcher, and the late L.A.C. E. O. Milford. who was head teacher at Tootla School” (TRIBUTE TREES AT CHANDADA” West Coast Sentinel (Streaky Bay, 15 August 1941, p1).

In 1942 a further seven trees were planted, making a total of twenty-two trees at the site. This planting was dedicated to Pte. S. Bryant, AC J E. P. Anderson, Ptes. E. Horsell, E. Irvine, 11. Irvine, K. Miller, and J. Mudge. The newspaper also reported that “before the trees were planted, Mr. K. Ross asked that a minute’s silence be observed in memory of the late LAC E. O. Milford and L. Cpl. Harry Nettelbeck, who had made the supreme sacrifice and to whom trees were already growing. Mr. Ross also referred to two boys who had been reported missing: Pte. George Evans, of whom no definite news bad yet been received, but word of whose safety was anxiously awaited; and Sgt. Wireless Airgunner W. R. (“Bill”) Thompson, who, after being reported missing for three months, was now known to be a POW: A message, expressing pleasure felt by all those present at the news of Bill’s safety was sent through Mr. Ross to the Thompson family.” (TREES OF TRIBUTE AT CHANDADA, West Coast Sentinel, 20 November 1942, p. 1).

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