Nunji Trees of Tribute, Nunjikompita

Avenue of Honour Address

Nunji Siding, Nungi Road
South Australia  

The Nunji Trees of Tribute was planted on the 16th of August 1941 to commemorate the local soldiers serving in World War Two. This is located Nunji Siding, Nungi Road, Nunjikompita, in South Australia.

The following excerpt is from the West Coast Sentinal newspaper, “NUNJI TREES OF TRIBUTE” (12 September 1941, p. 6. <>.)

There was a large gathering at Nunji siding on August 16 when 12 trees were planted as tributes to local soldiers serving overseas…Mr. Dunn spoke oh behalf of the public; he hoped that the trees would grow and shelter Nunjikompita as the boys were so bravely sheltering Australia. A clock competition, arranged by Mr. E. Wilkins, was won by Mr. H. Dunn.
Trees were planted in the following order: Sgt. J. Mabey (Jessie Dodd), Pte. G. Watkinson (Betty Watkinson), Pte. L. Austin (Betty Chester), Pte. F. May (Cliff May), Cpl. B. Salmon (Mrs. B. Salmon), Sgt. G. Young (John Dodd), Pte.T. Eoutledge (Gordon Henderson), Pte. A. Ross (Ken Ross), Pte. C. Gulledge (Norman Luestner), Cpl. G. Shannon (Ted and Jim Lang). Driver L. Beattie (Mr. H. Beattie), Pte. Fowler, reported missing (Neville Dunn).

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