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    Newton Anzac Avenue

    Established in 1919, this avenue of Camphor Laurel trees commemorates those who served in World War One. When the avenue was being planned there was discussion about planting Australian trees, but Camphor Laurels were chosen for their hardiness. “When the Toowoomba ANZAC Avenue is completed, the work for which is Read more [...]

  • Mont Albert Avenue of Honour

    This WW1 commemorative avenue of nine (9) trees were planted by local citizens of Mont Albert, in Churchill Street, Mont Albert, Victoria. This was in response to Queen Elizabeth’s state tour and as that she was driven down Churchill Street. The trees were established exactly 50 years after the ANZAC Read more [...]

  • Mount Pleasant School Memorial Trees

    On Friday 30 July 1915, three trees were planted at the Mount Pleasant School by “Mr. Thomson, Mr. Tamblyn (head teacher), and Miss Stibbles (assistant teacher), in memory of two old scholars—Privates A. H. Bax and E. H. Jenzen—and General Birdwood, who were killed with the Australians on the Gallipoli Read more [...]

  • Renmark Avenue of Honour

    After public calls for donations towards the cost of palm trees, an avenue of Washingtonia filifera (Cotton Palm) was planted on 11th September 1915, along the banks of the Murray River adjacent to Murray Avenue. “The dual purpose of the tree was to beautify the town and commemorate the brave Read more [...]

  • Soldiers Memorial Avenue

    “For every soldier a tree, for every tree a plaque” The Soldier’s Memorial Avenue forms part of the Queens Domain in Hobart Tasmania. It is an Avenue of Honour comprising 520 trees planted in 1918 and 1919 to commemorate soldiers, mainly from Hobart, who died in World War I (the Read more [...]

  • Finch Hatton Avenue of Honour

    The Finch Hatton War Memorial was erected on 19 November 1921, and it is possible that it may never have been officially unveiled. It was erected at a cost of 200 which was paid for by public subscription. The stone memorial was designed and produced by Melrose and Fenwick of Read more [...]

  • Berridale Memorial Park

    Berridale Memorial Park was established in memory of those who served in World War One. The Berridale Memorial Park was officially opened by Mr W.W. Hedges M.L.A. (Monaro) on the 10th November 1935. The work in the park was done by the Snowy River sub-branch of the Returned Soldiers League Read more [...]

  • Stanley

    The Stanley was established to commemorate WW1. This is located Stanley, in Tasmania Australia. FURTHER DETAILS

  • Montagu

    The Montagu was established 1920 to commemorate WW1. This is located Montagu, in Tasmania Australia. FURTHER DETAILS

  • Wynyard

    The Wynyard was established circa 1954 to commemorate WW1, WW2 and local pioneers.. This is located Wynyard, in Tasmania Australia. FURTHER DETAILS Tree guards.