Western Australia


The Boyanup was established after WW1 to commemorate WW1. This is located Bridge St Boyanup, in Western Australia Australia. FURTHER DETAILS South side of street. TREE SPECIES oak (Quercus spp.)

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Kings Park Honour Avenues

The Kings Park’s Honour Avenues are dedicated to over 1800 servicemen and women who died during war service and a full list of the individuals’ names and service information can be found on the Honour Avenues Group database. These living memorials are is located May Drive and Lovekin Drive, West Perth. The planting of trees

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Mosman Park Memorial Park

The Mosman Park Memorial Park was established on 25 August 1934 to commemorate the local people who served in World War One. Originally called the Buckland Hill Memorial Park, the park is located on Palmerston Street, Mosman Park, in Western Australia. According to the Western Australian Government, Heritage Council, there is a long history of

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Woodvale Memorial Grove

The Woodvale Memorial Grove was established in June 1995, to commemorate the local service men and women who served in World War Two. Some 500 native trees were planted as part of this ‘Australia Remembers’ project, marking the 50th anniversary of the end of World War Two. This memorial grove is bounded by the major Ocean

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Armadale Memorial Park

The Memorial Park was established after land was purchased in 1920, specific to honour those killed in service or in action during WW1. As a dedicated ‘Fallen Solders Memorial Park Avenue of Honour’, 28 trees were planted by family and friends, on 30th July 1921 to commemorate 28 soldiers from the district. Original plaques were

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The Nyabing was established 14/11/1920 to commemorate WW1. This is located Nyabing, in Western Australia Australia. FURTHER DETAILS Tree Guards A granite and marble block names fallen soldiers. TREE SPECIES Cypress (Cupressus spp.)

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