Dr Tim Johnson

Tim began volunteering with TREENET in 1997 and his passion for bringing trees and nature back to cities and towns continues to this day. After studying wildlife and park management he began protecting mature trees and establishing saplings for the benefit of future communities. Studies in applied science, management, outdoor education, arboriculture, and civil engineering followed, to inform his work and research into civil engineering to better accommodate and support trees and urban nature. Tim’s research has been presented at TREENET symposia, at national and international conferences, and published in peer reviewed journals.

After 32 years with local government, he took up operational command as Director of TREENET.
Tim is well placed to contribute nationally, not only to local government, but the broad professions that encompass urban forest advocacy, conservation, research and management.

A long-term champion of culturally significant and heritage trees, Tim’s leadership role for the Avenues of Honour project, is an absolute bonus.