Glenn Williams

Glenn enjoyed the role of Director of TREENET for 9 years, from January 2013 through to December 2021.

In a past life, Glenn has a background as a former school teacher and adult educator; followed by professional career in local government as a Natural Resources Officer and personal involvement in the care and conservation of natural areas for over 30 years.

As a former Natural Heritage Manager with the National Trust of South Australia, Glenn commanded the Trust’s Register of Significant Trees.  His experience supporting the panel of significant tree experts, only served to increase his love affair with culturally significant trees.  Whilst Glenn is no longer an active volunteer with the Trust’s Significant Tree Team, his passion for special-merit trees remains undiminished.

As a TREENET volunteer, Glenn’s passion for heritage tree conservation continues to be rewarded with a focus on Australia’s living memorials, for war service, sacrifice and suffering, through the national, Avenues of Honour project.