Tannymorel, Queensland

Recent arrivals to Tannymorel and now local residents Sandy and Brian Morris noticed a cross and a part of a name plaque attached to a cross which had grown into trees in front of their property. It was from this find that they did some research and discovered the trees were part of an Avenue of Honour.
They pointed out the trees to their friend Mark Knusden, who photographed  the curious growth on these trees, where original commemorative crosses and name plaques had become trapped.

“When I saw the name plate it took me back to my childhood (early 60’s) placing flowers on Anzac Day beneath the trees in Yeronga Park as part of a school based activity.   I remember the crosses and plaques at the base of the trees.   Seeing a named plaque and cross which 2 trees had grown around and  approx. 1.6m above the ground was amazing.”

Click here to read Sandy Morris’ & Mark Knudsen’s Tannymorel Report.

You can also see Mark’s Tannymorel Avenue of Honour images on the AoH Flickr site.

Glenn Williams
(On behalf of the AoH Team)