The arboreal Avenue of Honour has been an enduring and highly popular form of public commemoration of military service in Australia. With a significant groundswell of community endeavour, as a nation, Australians have chosen to recognise service, sacrifice and suffering through community plantings of memorial Avenues of Honour. The earliest recorded Avenues of Honour were created in response to Australia’s participation in the Boer War, but the majority were established during and after World War I and, to a lesser extent, World War II.

TREENET’S Avenues of Honour project is a national initiative to document, preserve, promote and reinstate the original Avenues of Honour and to establish new commemorative trees, honouring Australia’s service men and women, encompassing plantings related to the Boer War, WW1, WW2 and all subsequent conflicts. The project is led and managed by TREENET, a national not-for-profit organisation based in Adelaide, South Australia.