Avenues of Honour is a national project to document, preserve, promote and reinstate the original Avenues of Honour and to establish new commemorative trees, coinciding with the Centenary of ANZAC, the Gallipoli Landings, World War I and through to November 11th 2018 and beyond.


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Avenues of Honour – A Term to Embrace ALL Living Memorials

The term “Avenues of Honour” immediately conjures a precise image in the mind, of a double-row of sentinel trees, lining either side of a roadway, a street, or a path in a park or garden.

It must be noted the Avenues of Honour project uses the term more broadly, to record details about ALL commemorative trees, be they a solitary specimen (as in a ‘Lone Pine’ planting or the “War Memorial Oak”); or arranged as a single-sided row; or planted as a copse or memorial grove of trees.

Whatever aspect or arrangement they have secured in the landscape, these living memorials signify a common purpose for honouring the lives, the service, the sacrifice and the suffering.


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  • Wallaroo – Swansea Park

    ON June 30, 1938, a group of Wallaroo residents planted the first of many trees which were to become Swansea Park. They did so with the support of the Wallaroo Council and the Wallaroo RSA. They were m Read more [...]

  • Branxholme Avenue of Honour

    The Branxholme Avenue of Honour was established 7156 to commemorate WW1. This Avenue of Honour is located Branxholme, in Victoria Australia. FURTHER DETAILS

  • Amphitheatre

    The Amphitheatre was established Circa WW1 to commemorate WW1. This is located Amphitheatre, in Victoria Australia. FURTHER DETAILS No signs.

  • Forster

    The Forster was established 01/07/1918 to commemorate . This in is located in Forster, in New South Wales Australia. FURTHER DETAILS

  • Curlewis

    The Curlewis was established 2007 to commemorate All wars. This is located Corner of Portarlington and Curlewis Rds Curlewis, in Victoria Australia. FURTHER DETAILS

  • Kiewa

    The Kiewa was established 1920 to commemorate WW1. This is located Kiewa, in Victoria Australia. FURTHER DETAILS TREE SPECIES English oak (Quercus robur), English elm (Ulmus procera)

  • Pechey Memorial Trees

    The Pechey Memorial Trees was established circa 1920 to commemorate WW1. This Memorial Trees is located Pechey, in Queensland Australia. FURTHER DETAILS State School grounds.