Lara Avenue of Honour

Avenue of Honour Address

Walkers Rd

WW1 – The Original Lara Avenue of Honour was planted (Sugar Gums and Pine Trees), in 1918

WW2 – Avenue was upgraded 28/08/1948 to commemorate WW2. This Avenue of Honour is located Walkers Rd Lara, in Victoria Australia.

The remnant Soldiers’ Avenue of Sugar Gum Trees and six Golden Lambertianas in the Lara Recreation Reserve, the Avenue of Honour of Pinus lambertianas along Walkers Road (between 11 and 39 Walkers Road) and the War Memorial Gates and associated fencing in the south-east corner of the Lara Recreation Reserve have significance for their commemorative associations with locals who fought and died in World Wars One and Two. Both Sugar Gums and Pine trees were planted in the reserve in 1918. The Pinus lambertiana trees forming the boundaries to the recreation reserve (Walkers Road and southern portion along Mills Road) were planted well before 1947 and they may be associated with World War One commemorative plantings. It was in 1948 when the Avenue of Honour of 84 Pinus lambertianas were planted in Walkers Road, with an additional six Golden Lambertianas grown to commemorate the six local soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice. These soldiers (and respective trees) are: Jim Austin (tree 1), John Austin (tree 2), Alex Bowler (tree 3), Keith Jenkins (tree 4), Gordon McIntyre tree (5), and Jim Payne (tree 6). In the south-east corner of the Lara Recreation Reserve are the Memorial Gates consisting of four rough-faced square granite piers with shallow obelisk cappings and slightly projecting plinths, and wide double metal gates in the centre, and small single metal gates to both sides. Metal fencing flanks the gates. The memorial trees and Avenue of Honour are showing signs of senescence. The Memorial Gates are in good condition.

Victorian Heritage Database Report

Sugar Gums (Eucalyptus cladocalyx) – WW1

Golden Lambertianas (Pinus lambertianas) – WW2

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