Recognition of Suburban Avenue of Honour

Courtesy of local ‘tree-savvy’ residents and their passion for conserving commemorative street trees in their district, Weinholt Street in the Brisbane suburb of Sherwood now has an addition to its fingerboard street sign:

The Weinholt Street Avenue of Honour is lined with the beautiful long lived tree species, Callistemon ‘Dawson River. Typical of species selected for planting in many of the Avenues of Honour throughout Australia, this species is native to the local area (Qld) and has a  weeping habit which is chosen to represent the tears of the mothers of fallen soldiers in World War II. Click here to read more . . .

For more images of Weinholt Street, visit the Flickr media site

Listen to an ABC 612 Brisbane broadcast aired on the morning Breakfast segment 11th November 2014

The AoH Team thank Alice and Andrew Rankine for their inspiration and facilitation of this local project.  It inspires confidence that the memory of 102000 great Australians is in safe hands.